# Node.js

# Environment

Because the Macaca toolchain is based on Node.js, the Node.js environment has been configured during the installation and does not need to be configured again.

# Quickstart

$ git clone https://github.com/macaca-sample/macaca-nodejs-boilerplate.git

A project that Macaca can use is created and test cases can be added and run. Macaca recommends mocha testing framework.

# Sample Code

The sample code repository contains iOS and Android's App sample tests, sample test of mobile browser and sample test of PC browser.

# Usage

// Import official webdriver client package
var wd = require('macaca-wd');

// Configure the host and port of the Macaca server that the webdriver client will connec to
var remoteConfig = {
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 3456 // Macaca server defaults to using port 3456

// After this, the driver can directly use method chaining
var driver = wd.promiseChainRemote(remoteConfig);

before(function() {
  return driver.init({
    platformName: 'desktop', // iOS, Android, Desktop
    browserName: 'chrome'    // Chrome, Electron
    app: path/to/app         // Only for mobile

after(function() {
  return driver

it('#1 should', function() {




# API Extension

wd.addPromiseChainMethod(name, method);
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