# Contributing

Macaca welcomes all kinds of contributions, from feature implementation, issues, promotion and/or marketing Macaca or simply help on translation.

# Issue

Open new issue whenever you have questions about Macaca while using it. Give details about your problem and the steps to reproduce it. Keep in mind, make sure your question has been listed on FAQ before you submit it. Help on resolving issue brought up by others. Sharing your knowledge is another way to help this community.

# Code

Find bugs? Implement new features? Follow those steps:

  1. Fork the repo you want to contribute
$ git clone https://github.com/macacajs/macaca-ios.git
$ cd macaca-ios
  1. Create a branch

Want to add a new feature, name your feature features-xxx; Mean to fix a bug? name it bugfix-xxx

$ git checkout -b features-xxx -t origin/master
  1. Submit your code to github

You know how to do it.

  1. Pull request

Submit a pull request (PR) to the macacajs repo. We will review it shortly.

# Additional Notes

Macaca consists of multiple modules. Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md to understand how to build and run. You can use UIAutomatorWD/CONTRIBUTING.md (opens new window) for your reference.

# Contributor

We will list our contributors on our project page. We follows the git-contributor spec, like this:

# Join Us

We will invite you to join us if You have made more than three(3) important pull request (PR). or You have solved challenging problems.



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