# Integrate With Jenkins

# Reliable home path

$ mkdir $HOME/reliable_home

reliable_home requires the following sub-directories to be created.

├── static                               Static HTTP server root folder, containing build artifacts, reports, and archived files.
├── mysql_data                           Mysql Database. Can be backed up easily.
├── jenkins_home                         Jenkins root folder, containing configuration files and plugins.
├── jenkins_tmp                          Jenkins temporary folder.
└── jenkins.war                          Jenkins war package. Can execute programs.

# Reliable Jenkins Deployment

  • In $HOME/reliable_home directory, create jenkins_home, jenkins_tmp
  • Download official War package to $HOME/reliable_home directory
  • jenkins service launches at port 9910
$ java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 \
  -XX:PermSize=256m \
  -XX:MaxPermSize=512m \
  -Xms256m \
  -Xmx512m \
  -DJENKINS_HOME=$HOME/reliable_home/jenkins_home \
  -Djava.io.tmpdir=$HOME/reliable_home/jenkins_tmp \
  -jar $HOME/reliable_home/jenkins.war \

Change $HOME/reliable_home/jenkins_home/config.xml useSecurity to false, and restart the Jenkins.

  1. input the initialAdminPassword and next.
  2. select Install suggested plugins and wait for Jenkins plugins installation ready.

# Build Tasks Sample

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