Getting Started


To install app-inspector, Node.js environment is required.

macaca-cli is recommended to install.

$ npm install macaca-cli -g

Your environment needs to be setup for the particular mobile platforms that you want to view. Install Android SDK for Android, Xcode for iOS.
Verify the environment with macaca-cli.

$ macaca doctor

If you saw some green log information, it means your platform environment is ready. Then you can install app-inspector and use it.


$ npm install app-inspector -g


Launch from cli

$ app-inspector -u YOUR-DEVICE-ID
See Get the Device ID to lean how to get the device ID.

Open Interface

You will see the log information like below

inspector start at:

Then open the link in your browser.

Get the Device ID


From command line

$ xcrun simctl list

The command above will list all your iOS simulator devices infomation. Your can find the UDID like XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

From Xcode

Open your simulator, choose Hardware - devices - manage devices. You will find the identifier in device information.


From command line

Launch your device firstly, then use adb to list all your devices.

$ adb devices
123ABCDEFG	device	device

iOS Real Device

$ DEVELOPMENT_TEAM_ID=TEAM_ID npm i app-inspector -g